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East Coast Fresh is not just our company name, it’s our identity. We are a processing company serving the entire East Coast and fresh cut produce is our only business. Webster’s dictionary defines “fresh” as “having its original qualities uncompromised.” This means that what we provide is all natural, never cooked, with no preservatives or enhancers added, and delivered with all the goodness nature intended.

We are approaching 20 years in the fresh cut fruits and vegetable business. We have come a long way from our original seven-person team. Today we employ over 350 employees at our state-of-the-art production facility. The best way to learn more about us is to stop by for a visit! You will see the quality produce we start with, our careful cutting and packaging methods, and the strict attention we pay to food safety from the time the raw product is received all the way through delivering to your cooler.

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  • How to open our Fresh Salsa

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Absolutely the best I've ever tried! Maybe it's the cucumber? Maybe it's the fact it's so fresh and the ingredients are chopped so small. Fits on chips great!