Q. Where do your salsa ingredients come from?

A. We make every effort to use all ingredients grown in the United States. During certain times of the year some components are only available outside of the US. We only buy from the best growers in any area we source product from. Food safety is our top priority.

Q. Are there any preservatives or emulsifiers added to your salsa?

A. Never! There’s nothing artificial, no preservatives, and no enhancers.

Q. Are your salsas gluten-free?

A. Absolutely! All of our salsa varieties are gluten-free!

Q. Are your salsas allergen-free?

A. Yep! All varieties are allergen-free, and are handled in an allergen-free processing facility.

Q. Do your salsas use GMO ingredients?

A. No way! We are happy to say that our salsas are GMO-free!

Q. Does your salsa packaging contain BPA?

A. Nope! Our salsa containers are BPA-free!

Q. Where can I buy your products?

A. Most major retailers in the eastern United States. Our products are shipped under both our and our customers’ private labels. Visit our “Where to Buy” section to find the retailer nearest you.

Q. Can your salsa be frozen?

A. We don’t recommend freezing because when thawed the vegetables get soft and the salsa loses its texture. Most vegetables require blanching prior to freezing. Blanching is a cooking process and, like freezing, softens the texture of the salsa.

Q. Can I cook with your salsa?

A. Absolutely! Use it in cooking just like you would use diced tomatoes. Try adding it to chili, soups, sauces and meatloaf. A healthy, flavorful addition to any recipe!

Q. Do your salsa fit into a Paleo diet plan?

A. Our Fresh Mild and Hot salsas are great additions to a Paleo diet plan!

Q. How do I store your salsa so that it stays fresher longer?

A. To keep salsa fresh you have to keep it cold: between 34 and 38 degrees. Temperature control is critical to retard spoilage. Just like fresh milk, every degree the temperature rises shortens the shelf life of salsa. Keep fresh salsa in the coldest part of your refrigerator. Take out only what you intend to use and immediately return the rest to the refrigerator. Be sure what you pick up at the store is ice cold and there are no signs of swelling, damage to the containers, or broken safety seals. Enjoy!

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