Q. Why does your fresh salsa cost more than the processed salsas?

A. We use only the finest, freshest ingredients. We never use any processing grades, seconds, or blemished ingredients. Many of the cooked salsas use vegetables that would not be suitable to sell any other way than cooked. We use the best ingredients to produce the best salsa.

Q. What is the best way to store fresh salsa?

A. In a sealed container in the refrigerator between 34 and 38 degrees F. Take out only what you intend to use and return the rest to the refrigerator to maintain the freshness and texture. Without preservatives, keeping the salsa cold is the best defense against spoilage.

Q. Where is the best location to merchandise fresh salsa products?

A. In the fresh produce department. Today’s consumers are looking for fresh and healthy alternatives for snacking. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best way to make a snack healthy, and our salsas are loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables. Displayed near the fresh-cut fruits and vegetables is the best place to achieve the impulse buy. Merchandising with dips and dressing is also a good way to get your customers thinking about healthy alternatives to high-calorie, fatty condiments.

Q. Are the salsa products seasonal?

A. No, they are available year round. When a growing region finishes its harvest, we buy our produce from other areas of the country or import if no domestic product is available. Quality and flavor are consistent throughout the year.

Q. Can your fresh salsa products be purchased in bulk?

A. Yes, we offer 7 lb. tubs to the foodservice industry and to retailers that have self-serve relish bars and delicatessens.

Q. Do you offer discount programs or allowances to promote sales?

A. Yes, we will work with your company to develop a program calendar to help you promote our products throughout the year.

Q. Do you offer in-store demonstration programs?

A. Yes, we will work with your company or through an agency to do in-store demos. This is a great way to build a customer base. When they try it, they buy it.

Q. Do your salsa fit into a Paleo diet plan?

A. Our Fresh Mild and Hot salsas are great additions to a Paleo diet plan!

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I would like to let you know how much I enjoy your salsa! It is the best I've ever bought in the store! It's fresh and I like the mix of vegetables.